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Bertie & Billy's Top Tips for World Cup Song Success

Prepare Your Entry: There are not only prizes for the top ranked songs but also the best video and some others that will be announced later, so maybe think about creating multiple entries in different styles.

Add ALL Your Media Links: Your song ranking is based upon all the data that is gathered from all the social media sites where you have added your song and how many people are interacting there and on this website, with Views, Hits, Likes and Shares etc.

Promote: You are in control of your own success, the leaderboard is updated several times every day, so the more effort you put in to telling the world about your entry the better the chance of winning a prize, most of all have fun, enjoy and GOOD LUCK!

IMPORTANT: World Cup Song 2014 Competition is in no way affiliated with FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) 

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Soy Campeon (Vamos a Ganar)

This song talks about the champion on each of us..to win ..to be a champion and win the cup!! Inspired by the World Cup Brazil 2014!!

If a Can, Can, Can

The song 'If a can can' which is written, composed and sung by Awu (me) goes out to all of humankind, most especially those who think it is impossible to achieve goals or higher goals like changing the world, being a mega star, or creating a positive impact in the community where you live 

Whole Wide World

This song was written by us to bring all the football Nations together.

Rio de la Vida

Anthem for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil


Featuring Samba, Rock, and dancey pop this song is about winning in the face of challenges. To convey the childlike optimism of the song, we have kids of all international backgrounds singing the chorus! The super contagious mega catchy melody will stay with long after the World Cup has passed!

Rio de Janeiro

Written by The uk Side Project, who are Alan Ball and Phil Tebbs, the vocals performed by The Octaves. Keyboards by Alan Ball Guitar & Bass by Phil Tebbs Drums & percussion by Paul Wittington Trumpet by Simon Taylor

il paese nel pallone

Questo ritornello deve portare a saltare tutti

Here We Go Again

An England song for all the fans to sing to regardless of the result!

We Are England (The Flames of 66) -Remix

Infectiously catchy hook from these experienced musicians. Written, recorded and produced by Martin Medina/Andy Medina/Robert Louis Medina.

Egg & Beercan

Fun alternative song for everyone! With everytime england play a world cup the country have high expectations here is a song with none for the whole family!!! (Beer included!)

Open Sky

Rap by Magic 1 Vocals by Matt B. Production by Evelution Beats

Up The Amazon

Up The Amazon - its a rocking original unOfficial England World Cup Song by Punkjaw Johnson featuring Guitar God Jim Mcfarnell for all England supporters to get behind and enjoy for Brazil 2014

Sex and Drugs and Futbol

Maybe the craziest word cup sound ever! Freaky Kuduro Beat mix with a ska chorus and accordeon/guitar licks. The lyrics are English, Portuguese and Boarisch (the dialect of Bavaria, South Germany

Once Before I Die

DJ Audacious brings you a song which expresses the sentiments felt by an entire nation every four years, Please England, win it just ONCE before I die.


Come on England, the world can see us Be.

FIFA World Cup Song Video

A song for the upcoming FIFA World Cup


Socceroo2you is The best song to help you 'LET YOUR ROCK OUT' and join us on the world football stage.

Flags Are Flying High

The unofficial England song for all the fans.

All The Way (With England)

An England football song for all the fans.

All The Way (Dance Remix)

An England song that all fans can dance to no matter what happens on the pitch!

Win Till You (feat. Richie Maddocks)

Win? Lose? Miss? Score? Love? Hate? Cheer? Boo? Does the end justify the means? Not for this song, it's the journey that really counts. Here's hoping England perform with a 'Win Till You' mentality, positive and proud. Come on England!

Shove It Up 'Em

Based on Dads Army catch phrase SHOVE IT UP EM

We Got the Team

A sunday afternoon original

Hurst Peters and Moore

''If we could summon up the spirit of Hurst Peters and Moore'' Written and performed by David-Gwyn Jones and David Osborne aka The Wishful Drinkers